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How I Can Help You


A selection of Whippet specific packages for Whippets of all ages, including my “Jack’s Mum Signature Package”


Available for owners of young puppies up to 6 months of age. We will discuss:

  • Puppy proofing your home

  • Puppy biting

  • Toilet training

  • Sleeping through the night

  • And more!


Includes (depending on package):

  • Weekly training sessions via Zoom

  • Weekly personalised plans

  • Daily feedback on your training exercises

  • Support via Whatsapp

  • And more!


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Jessica owner of Tilly
the Cockapoo

Our little cockapoo Tilly has struggled with separation anxiety since we got her (pandemic puppy). We've tried multiple previous trainers / behaviourists, without making any real sustainable progress.

We were about to give up, resigning ourselves to a life of never being able to have Tilly leave our side, when Vanessa was recommended to us. We decided to give it one last shot, and couldn't be happier with the results. Vanessa is incredibly knowledgeable and has given us the tools and training to make real progress with Tilly. After just 4 sessions, we have all the tools we need to continue on this journey with Tilly (unlike other behaviourists where we spent 1000s but came off no better off). In fact it's been so successful, we've signed up for more sessions to address other areas such as manners etc - a luxury when a month ago all we were worried about was being able to leave Tilly 5mins to take the rubbish down!! Vanessa is amazing. If you are thinking about getting help - do it. She's a game changer.


katie, owner of coco
the whippet

I can’t recommend Vanessa highly enough. I contacted her because my Whippet puppy Coco hated being left alone and being crated at night. Vanessa got her sleeping through the night really quickly and put us on a separation anxiety training programme to help Coco gradually get used to being home alone without stressing her. Vanessa has really gone above and beyond in giving advice and help on all kinds of issues, including diet, toilet training, teething. She is always happy to review training videos and give advice on whatsapp. She even sent Coco a present when she had been sick for a few weeks. I would definitely book more sessions with Vanessa!


giles, owner of harley the collie x poodle

Would very much recommend working with Vanessa. Offered some really great advice and simple techniques to set us and the pooch up for success. Encouraged us to send any questions we had and was quick to respond.


Andrea, owner of
Margot the English Pointer

Incredibly thankful to Vanessa for helping me build a wonderful relationship with my dog Margot.
My dog was poorly as a young pup and a bit anxious outdoors. Vanessa has helped me manage my dog’s anxieties with people and loud noises. I can see my dog improving day by day.
I, myself, have a stronger bond with Margot. Which is what this is all about. Thank you Vanessa!



Vanessa is an absolute superstar!!
I booked into Vanessa's 5 week 1:1 training programme to help my 11 month old Whippet Wilbur (and his 4 y/o Dachshund sister Margot) navigate some troublesome teenage behaviour.
I came to Vanessa saying 'help! we need a reset!'. Vanessa expertly navigated us through the causes for the behaviours and gave us some practical guidance about how to help Wilbur overcome them.
Vanessa's techniques are extremely gentle and loving. Vanessa takes the time to explain the rationale behind everything she teaches - making it much easier to generalise for the future. Vanessa supplies extremely detailed notes after each class and is very generous with her advice between classes.
In 7 weeks I saw an immense change in Wilbur's behaviour and it's only getting better. If we could continue to see Vanessa weekly we would (can we please, Vanessa!).
I would wholeheartedly recommend Vanessa, my only wish is that we hired her sooner to prevent rather than cure any issues!


Gwen the Saluki

Vanessa is amazing. She has not only given us tools for improving separation anxiety, but provided a wealth of information, coping techniques, and a rich understanding of what is going on in our dog's mind (not to mention countless games and tricks!). We've worked together to bring anxiety levels down and help our girl gain more confidence out in the world, build up her tolerance to stimuli and prevent reactive behaviors. We feel more bonded to her than ever and a lot of that is thanks to Vanessa's cheerful, calming techniques. Our dog also LOVES her--always a good sign! It's very clear Vanessa cares deeply for her canine clients and does everything she can to make things clear and reassuring for the owners. Highly recommended. Thank you, Vanessa!

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Caitlin, owner of Gon
the Chihuahua

When our puppy, Gon, arrived at home nearly 2 years ago, we knew something wasn’t right. He was anxious, wouldn’t get me leave the house even while my partner was there, and was always watching to see where I was.

Having a dog with separation anxiety can be completely debilitating, the guilt can be insurmountable, and all you want to do is cry.
Vanessa took all the pain away and reassured us completely. Im so happy to have been recommended her training course and by working with her he’s a different dog: calm, no longer velcro-ing himself to me, and is so much more confident in himself. There’s a long journey ahead but with the extensive training plan we have been given there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you Vanessa, you truly are a miracle.


chris, owner of atti the miniature dachshund

Vanessa has been fantastic & I can't recommend her enough. Our Dachshund has severe separation anxiety, which means he really can't be left on his own at all. Vanessa came up with a training programme to reduce his anxiety & allow him to be ok on his own & we've seen a massive difference in him. Vanessa takes a holistic approach so really spent time understanding our specific situation & challenges to amend the programme throughout & was always on hand for specific questions & help.

She's been an absolute star.


Jack, owner of luca the whippet

We have had the most wonderful experience with Vanessa training our 15 month year old @Luca_the_whippet. We have seen a tremendous transformation in Luca over the 5 sessions we had as part of the 'Basic Manners' package. We worked on lead walking, recall and our general relationship between owner and pup. We feel closer to Luca and can tell he feels more fond of us and we have to say that this is very much down to Vanessa's great guidance and help. Vanessa goes out of her way in sessions with helpful and friendly guidance and then detailed follow up notes. We could not recommend her enough! Thanks Vanessa!

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