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I am committed to my ongoing professional development and am a member of the KCAI scheme ( Kennel Club Accredited Instructor’s Scheme ) currently working towards full accreditation. I am also studying the Behaviour Bible, a 3 year long level 6 Behaviour Course with The School of Canine Science. I am a Gold Member of the Pet Professional Network and a member of the Pet Professional Guild. I am fully insured through Petplan. I am also an Affiliate Member of the PDTI and a RCDTBP signatory. 


  • Julie Naismith  - Certified Separation Anxiety Behaviour Consultant 

  • John Rogerson  - 20 module online course in  Dog Training and Behaviour 

  • John Rogerson - The Ultimate Recall 4 Day Residential Course 

  • John Rogerson  - Rescue and Rehoming 4 Day Residential Course 

  • John Rogerson  - KCAI Learning Theory 1 Day Residential Course 

  • PDTI  - 7 Days Practical Instructors Course, Introductory Award, With Excellence 

  • PDTI Conference - John Rogerson, The Emotional Art of Dog Training 

  • Duke University - Dog Emotion and Cognition ( Coursera) 

  • Edinburgh University -  Animal Behaviour and Welfare ( Coursera) 

  • Edinburgh University - Canine and Feline Behaviour ( Coursera) 

  • Pet Professional Network - Distinctive Dog Trainer 3 month online course 

  • Centre of Excellence - Dog Training Level 3 Diploma, Distinction 

  • Centre of Excellence - Canine Behaviour Training Level 3 Diploma, Distinction 

  • Centre of Excellence, Puppy Training Level 3 Diploma Distinction

  • Canine Principles - Canine Anxiety Certificate 

  • Canine Principles - Solving Separation Related Problems 

  • Canine Principles - Canine Communication, The Language of a Species 

  • Canine Principles - Inspiring Resilience in Fearful and Reactive Dogs 

  • Canine Principles - Puppy Socialisation 

  • Canine Principles - Canine Enrichment 

  • Canine Principles - Canine Coaching Foundations 

  • Canine Principles - Settling Through Scentwork for Highly Aroused Dogs

  • Canine Principles - Interactive Play Guide 

  • Canine Principles - Intro to Clicker Training 

  • Canine Principles - Canine Functional Characters 

  • Canine Principles -  Tellington Touch 

  • Canine Principles - Wolf Awareness Workshop

  • Canine Principles - Predation Substitute Training 

  • Canine Principles - Your Dog, The Sofa Wolf 

  • ISCP - All About Puppies Residential Training Day

  • ISCP - Dog Trainer One Day Residential Training Day 

  • First Aid For Dogs - Certified Canine First Aider 

  • Glen Stanford The UK Dog Whisperer Level One Canine Psychology Residential Training Weekend 

  • Glen Stanford The UK Dog Whisperer Level Two Practical Application Residential Dog Training Weekend  

  • Dr. Ian Dunbar - Overcoming your Dog’s Frustrating Behaviour 

  • AMCBT - All About Dogs Weekend 

  • School of Canine Science - Separation Anxiety Webinar

Memberships / affiliations

  • Fully Insured through Petplan Sanctuary

  • RCDTBP Signatory

  • Canine Principles Skill Hub Member

  • Member of the Pet Professional Network

  • Affiliate member of the PDTI ( Pet Dog Training Instructors)

  • Member of the Pet Professional Guild - Canine Training Professional

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Registration Council for Dog Training & Behaviour Training Practioners
Pet Profession Network
Pet Dog Training Instructors
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