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  1. Please ensure that you have read and understood these terms and conditions before booking any of my training packages 

  2. I only use kind and humane training methods and expect the same from my clients. I do not work with clients who insist on using choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, bark collars or any other fear inducing training equipment or techniques on their dog. Intentional harsh handling such as smacking a dog will not be tolerated and failure to resolve such methods will result in immediate conclusion of the training programme. 

  3. It is the client’s responsibility to be true and accurate in the initial consultation and inform me of all issues they may be experiencing with their dog.

  4. It is the client’s responsibility to truthfully inform me of any previous aggression your dog may have displayed both towards humans or other dogs, and any previous bite history prior to the start of our training programme

  5. It is the client’s responsibility to advise me of any allergies or special dietary requirements your dog may have prior to the start of our training programme 

  6. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the pet’s collar, harness, lead, carrier or any other security device is fastened and secured correctly where applicable. I shall not be liable for any escape or loss of pet due to the client’s failure to comply with this clause.

  7. Flexi leads are strictly not permitted in any of my training sessions. All dogs must wear a well fitted flat collar with an ID tag as per current UK Legislation (Control of Dogs Order 1992), and may wear a well fitted harness in addition. 

  8. I reserve the right to postpone and reschedule a training session if I believe that a dog is in pain or otherwise unwell, to ensure the welfare of the animals I work with at all times.

  9. The client agrees to act in accordance with any and all reasonable instructions issued by myself in relation to the training.

  10. For best results the client needs to be fully committed and willing to continue with following the advice outside training sessions. I shall not be liable should the client fail to follow my instructions outside of training sessions and not do their homework. 

  11. I cannot accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to person or property. 

  12. Payments for all training programmes are payable in advance by bank transfer. Bookings are not confirmed until full payment has been received. All payments must be made in full within 72 hours of booking, or immediately for bookings made less than 5 days in advance. If payment has not been received within  these timeframes, you will be removed from the diary and your slot will automatically be offered to someone else. 

  13. It is the client’s responsibility to attend on the right date and on time and that any lateness will be deducted from their session.

  14. I am unable to provide any refunds after training has begun. This is applicable for all training packages.

  15. I understand that cancellations may sometimes be necessary. Please be aware that cancellations made within less than 48 hours prior to the start of the training programme will be charged at 50%, and cancellations made within 24 hours will be charged at the full rate.

  16. All credit must be used within 6 months of payment date. 

  17. If the client needs to reschedule due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, the client agrees to inform me as soon as possible and I will do my very best to reschedule the session as soon as I can at my earliest availability. Please note that I follow a strict 24- hour cancellation policy. If a client misses or cancels an appointment without giving me 24 hours notice, the full session fee will be charged. Please let me know as soon as possible if you need to alter an appointment via email, text, Whatsapp or phone. 

  18. If I need to reschedule due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, I will arrange a booking with you at the nearest possible availability and give you as much notice as I am able to.

  19. Hot weather policy - in the event of temperatures being at 23 degrees or above, I reserve the right to reschedule any training sessions that had been scheduled for a time between 9am and 5pm on any given day in order to keep dogs safe as the heat can be fatal for dogs. For any brachycephalic dogs this policy applies to temperatures of 20 degrees and above. Training sessions will either be moved to the early morning or evening, carried out via Zoom or moved to another day altogether, depending on my availability and the client’s schedule.

  20. Prices quoted on this website apply to the following London post codes: E1, E2, E3, E5, E8, E9, E10, N1, N4, N5, N15, N16. I often travel to other postcodes but there may be an up charge to cover my travel cost and time, please contact me for further details and a personalised quote.

  21.  By booking any of my training packages, you are agreeing to all of the above.

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